Monday, January 22, 2007

Trendy Tuesday #2....

I had to wait for some snow to fall to get my picture.....just happened yesterday. Thought it was going to pass us by but we got lucky. Everything looks so pretty now, even though it's not a lot, only 2-3 inches.
I kept taking pictures, but practically had my eyes closed because it was so bright out. Finally went and got my sunglasses, which is really part of my winter wear anyway.

On another note, today was my hair cut appointment. Plus I was going to hang around in town for an hour afterwards because it was also my gyno appointment. Joy (my hairdresser) gets a phone call when she is almost done with me and it's for ME! I never get phone was David. Dr. O'Neil's office had called, he was sick and they wanted me to reschedule my appointment. looking forward to that!!!LOL! Anyway, that saved me running around in town for an hour with nothing to do. Will have to call them tomorrow.

Sunday 1/21/07
You can observe a lot just by watching.

-Yogi Berra

Watch carefully today. What do you see?

I spent the entire day in my scrapbook room cleaning and catching up on episodes of Heroes on the computer. I noticed that the time I waste at commercial time can get a lot accomplished. And the commercials on the websites for NBC are extremely short, but I managed to get the entire room done...........believe me, it was a disaster! I observed how little bitty increments of time can be put to good use.


Latharia said...

Wonderful picture!!! And you got more than we did -- only 1" of snow here! You want to come up or my next exchange?? I am thinking of doing a craft related on in a couple of months!

angieoh! said...

how cute!!!! I especially love the sunglasses way!

lunchlady02 said...

That's an awsome pic of you! I love it when pics turn out good!