Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 13, 2007

If one is a greyhound, why try to look like a Pekingese?

-Dame Edith Sitwell

I won't ever be taller. My hair won't ever (naturally) have no grey again. I will forever be self-conscious about wearing glasses (and, in fact, do not wear the glasses I have) because I'm convinced my ears are situated on my head unevenly. My teeth will always be just a little crooked, and my toes (Yes. My toes.) will always be slightly pudgy no matter how thin I might happen to be.

Although there are plenty of things about my appearance that I cannot ever change--no matter how much I obsess over them--there are plenty of things that are within my control.

How much time do you spend on your appearance? How much additional time do you spend thinking about your appearance? What do you need to work to accept? What can you change? What are your beauty routines and rituals? Think and feel beautifully you today.

Okay, this is something, even at 54, I haven't come to terms with yet. I do wear makeup, sometimes more than others but never tons. One day I'm fine with my looks and at other times I'm not. One day it's fantastic that I'm getting older as far as looks; and then the next day, I'm depressed over how my face looks. What a number we can do on ourselves. As the lines, wrinkles and age spots appear, I sometimes wonder if taking better care of my skin when I was younger would have helped but I will never know. Why I beat myself up about this, I do not understand. I just have to enjoy the good days and not let the bad ones bother me so much. My hair, though, is not an area that bothers me. I do color it, but I've done that for years and years just because I like to. Positive and negative.....they both exist in my body and mind!

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Latharia said...

Would-a, should-a, could-a ... isn't it amazing how those stick with us? I am reading Victoria Moran's 365 ways to feel younger & she has some amazing ideas & thoughts, as well as practical ideas to substantially change the way one feel's about one's age. I love it!