Friday, January 12, 2007

1/12/07 - Deep work thoughts for a Friday

I want to give you all a peek inside my brain today -

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." Oscar Wilde

Work work work! Come on people - its Friday! Almost time to celebrate the weekend.

Okay, Oscar and I are different people. My work can be taxing at times, but I can't think of anything out there that would drive me to drink (to that degree anyway). A nice glass of wine once a week or a strawberry martini on a special occasion is about all I can handle. Work is supposed to be a blessing....although some days I really, really have to look for it. But most of the time it's just work and nothing more. To be someone young who didn't have to work for a living is kind of sad, because so much can be learned from working and earning your own way in life.

And maybe I'm taking this a bit too serious.....considering I've got a 3 day weekend that started at 6:30AM today through Monday night at 10PM. So what could be better than that??? Well, shopping in Champaign tomorrow with my 13 year old granddaughter! Birthday is Feb. 2nd and we're taking an early shopping trip because she will be busy the weekend of her big day. So tomorrow will be a great day for me...Hooray!!!

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Latharia said...

Amen, sista! I posted something similar to my blog. I am not a drinking kind of girl. And Oscar Wilde was a WILD man.