Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas Journal 16-19

Once again using my favorite font to stamp the word "grateful" around the page. I wrote a few of the things around the edges, but the list could go on and on forever, my life is so blessed.
There is:
-Kendra's Pecan Pie
-No Traveling During the Holidays
-Aunt Georgia is Still with Us
-Fantastic Hungarian Cookies from Andy at Work
-All the Mess of Boxes & Paper Left at Kendra's for Bill to Burn

David and Trina always look for some kind of gift to give each other every year that means something to the two of them. This year it was the bird with "hair". And when David gives her the gift, he makes sure to only put his name on the tag, as I don't want to get the blame. It always makes for great stories in Christmas to come.

I added 3 recipes that we had at Christmas Dinner at David's parents (which was actually on New Year's Eve.

This is my Santa Letter page with my Unreasonable Requests inside!

These are pictures of "wishes" that I stuck inside my envelope. I could have kept at this all day, but didn't want to make Santa's sack too heavy with all my requests!LOL!


Guinevere said...

I just love these pages - I have so enjoyed this class and learning about so many lives over the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing.

Latharia said...

Love your wishes!!! :)