Friday, January 5, 2007

It's not what you look at....

Day 5:

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
-Henry David Thoreau

Take some time today to notice the details. Look at the simple things in your day and see the fancy. You might be amazed at what you notice.

And I did just that....took some time to look around (with camera in hand). The picture of my wedding ring: a simple band of gold, nothing fancy, no diamonds or scroll work, just a band of gold. Oh, but is it? Almost 17 years later and we are both still happy and so completely comfortable with each other. We work together and live together both and wouldn't have it any other way.

Then there is the soldier bear. My father and David's father both big civil war nuts. Bought this for David's dad one Christmas, but he got another, so I kept it. My father had passed and this so reminded me of him. Plus the letters in the bag in the background really put the icing on the cake as my father was a mail carrier for most of his life. Every time I look at this I think of him and miss him.

The picture of my Grandmother and Mom holding my first born, who is now 32. My Grandmother has been gone now 16 years and my Mom, almost 2. My cousin gave me this photo for Christmas and it brings back so many memories.

And lastly, there is the little piece of Ferrero Rocher chocolate sitting on my nightstand. My sweet, dear 3 year old granddaughter gave me 3 of these for Christmas. But the story behind them was.....she was extremely pumped for the big day of the 25th (imagine that) and kept talking about all the presents she was going to get. My daughter decided that she needed to know that it was more about just getting stuff. So she took her shopping with a list of people she wanted to buy for. Kendra let Autumn pick out gifts herself and explained that it was just as much fun to give to others as it was to get. How very proud this made me of my daughter!!!

Alone, none of these pictures would be anything special to anyone, in fact they would probably wonder why bother taking a photograph of these things. But when I look at each one of them, I see the specialness in each. Memories tied to simple things are the diamond or castle or dollars could replace what I see when I look at the "simple" things in my life.


Kel_eh said...

Absolutely magic! You have reminded me to look around for my simple things - they are abundant and so precious.

Kel x

Guinevere said...

Thank you - you have made me look at my own "ordinary" things in a completely different way.

Latharia said...

Love your details...I'd look at the Ferrero Rocher differently: I got an entire lucite box of them for the holidays. I put them out during our LOTR movie marathon, in hopes they'd disappear. They didn't. There's still about 45 of them left!

staceyfike said...

my DH love love loves these candies!!! you can be sure there are always tons in his stocking!!