Thursday, January 4, 2007


"It's not what I do, but the way I do it. It's not what I say, but the way I say it".
-- Mae West

I love this quote because it touches on, to me, the little things that make us stand out. What causes our sparkle? Our special insights? Our hidden talents? How do we break out and have the confidence to be a little different, a little more than we have been before? I am excited to see the direction that you guys take this one. Keep up the good work!

I looked at this from a scrapbooking standpoint. There are thousands.....I like to think millions....of people who scrapbook. A lot of times I will see a layout I absolutely love and want to copy exactly. I will even go so far as buying the same products. Then I start putting it together and something happens. I've been scrappin' for over 10 years and I bet I've only got 1-2 layouts that match exactly to something I have scrap-lifted. How do I go from a "formula" that I can see and dissect to something that turns out completely different? It is my uniqueness, the thing that makes me different from everyone else, my style, ME! We are all the same and yet all so very unique.

Now to my Christmas Journal for day 23....stockings. I put my journaling inside the pocket I made with the picture (you can see the little word "pull" at the top. We don't do stockings anymore since the kids are grown and gone. Kendra has her and Aaron's that my mom crocheted...hers has a snowman and Aarons an elf. She uses them for her girls. David has his from childhood that his mother made. When we got married 17 years ago, Mary also made me one just like Davids. It is gorgeous! Now we just put up these wooden stockings to make the fireplace look like it's ready for Santa.

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Latharia said...

Wonderful PERFECT picture for the stockings page ... and love your writing about it!

I know what you mean about scraplifting ... even when I start out with a very clear design, it seems to morph into my own "thing"! Lovely, isn't it? All of us, individuals like snowflakes, perfectly unique!