Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got it done....

well, almost. I'm talking about my "25th of the Month" album. I took it to work the last 3 days and worked on getting the layouts done during my first breaks and lunches. I still have to decorate the front,,,,,,,but I decided to go with the papers that were provided in the kit with the calendar and use the front as is. I want to put chipboard words on the front and froo froo it up a little. The pictures below are the plain front, inside cover (where I will explain the album and concept) and the 2-page layout for April.

On each month page there are pre-written journaling lines with either parenthesis or quote marks around them. Many of the ladies covered these with paper, but I chose to leave them and will do my journaling there.

Today is "Kit of the Month" on Lisa's Bearnson's site. It will be uploaded at 10am, my time. Can't wait to see what it is. I don't always order it, but like looking. We will see. Well, I'm off to watch a little TV "Wire in the Blood" on BBC that I DVR'd and then I will be back to check on the "Kit".

Oh, and we got off an hour early today.....HOORAY!

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