Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This was waiting for me at the PO when we stopped Saturday morning. From LeRoy? Hum, wonder what and who it is from? NOT! Must be something to do with Mother's Day from my girls. Called them after I opened it in the car to thank them. Kendra said when she was here for the garage sale, she looked around my scrapbook room and saw I had black picture frames and thought this would be perfect. And since my room is black and pink, I took the most perfect "pink" picture of Autumn and got Kendra's "pink" pictures of Trina's guess what's going in the frame. The candle is Vanilla Honey and smells great.

Just got off the phone with them and the Bradfords are painting the living room ceiling today. Yesterday they spent the day painting the room a light grey. Can't wait to see the end results.

We went to Mary & Dave's yesterday for Mother's Day. Stopped by Jackson's and bought Mary some flowers for outside, a shepard's hook to hang them on and some tomatoes to go with lunch.

We also took Kentucky Fried Chicken, some potato salad David had made (was great) and I made pound cake and took strawberries and Redi-Whip. Strawberry shortcake is Mary's favorite. Everything was a big hit and we had a wonderful day.

And you know me and animals of any kind.......
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David and I went to see Iron Man today at the Wehrenberg Theatre and this was his first time. He LOVED it just as much as I had. We will definitely be going there again. Hopefully for the new Indiana Jones movie on the 25th of this month.

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I love the bunnies!