Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garage sale was great....

David ended up making $441.50, Allen made $203, Jared made $46, Justin made $52 and Mary made $25...for a grand total of $767.50. Not a bad haul for 1 day. Then David has his $150 in overtime so he will have $591.00 to take to Chicago with Al to the big sports show this summer.

The boys and I had a good time. Kendra, Bill, Autumn & Trina came out and we shopped awhile. Kendra brought her Ozark scrapbook she just finished so I could see it. Wonderful job! Was kinda cold and windy, but we went around the entire block (which is about the size of 3 blocks). David's dad came over just to get out of the house. Mikey from work stopped by with his son Curt. Mrs. Freeman was there once while I was gone and then came back later to see me. I had a card and money for her to purchase tulip bulbs for David. He just passed away last month and this was their request instead of flowers at the funeral. Jackie (Kendra's best friend growing up) stopped by with her two children. She looked great and I was thrilled to see her.

It was also Trina's prom. When they left here, they were on the way to the mall to get her hair done. She was excited and nervous, as this was her first prom. But being a freshman, she will now have experience that her friends won't. Kendra called right after they took before pictures to tell me they were posted on her blog. I stole some and here they are:

She and Chris look wonderful together. Like the white tux with pink accessories, they match so perfectly. And these are her first flowers, so how special is this. Makes a grandma want to cry! Kendra called this morning to talk. The "prom girl" was still asleep but KC did find out she had a good time. She sure is growing up on us!

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