Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a beautiful sky today.....

I'm in Normal heading to Menards to meet up with the kids and see this gorgeous sky and of course had to take a picture. How wonderful is this?!!

Then I see the kids picking out flooring for their living room and front porch:
I gave them Autumn's birthday presents from David and I. I went to Gordman's and bought a couple of WebKins (a rhino and the beagle), plus a purse to carry some of them in, a pair of purple sunglasses for her with sparkles on them. Then it was off to Target to buy her clothes. Got 3 tank tops in purple stripes, pink stripes and turquoise stripes, shorts to match each, then 3 t-shirts in those colors plus a pair of dark blue and black shorts also. They will be camping during her birthday on Tuesday, so wanted her to have her gifts.....after all a 5 year old needs presents!
Came home and David cooked brats outside, plus we spent time watching our 3 bunnies in the back yard playing tag. They are just too cute.

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