Friday, May 9, 2008

Wonderful day

We took off work 45 minutes early because we were done on our machine. Stopped by Schnucks and got the rest of the fixin's for Saturday's food that we're taking to Mary & Dave's. Got the pound cake in the oven right now with the strawberries in the frig (along with some Redi-Whip). I bought blackberries for us here at home to have on the cake Sunday.
The above is what we saw on the way from the cemetery (took flowers for mom for Mother's Day).

Then on the way to the PO here in Hudson, we came across this in our "big downtown" ice cream shoppe. We had just been saying this is just we needed in town. We will definitely have to patronize this place to keep it in business!

Then David went out and cut these for me. They really belong to our next door neighbors, Margaret & Charlie, but she said I could have some if I wanted. They are hid behind their huge shed in their back yard and they can't even see them from their house. They hang over into our yard.....LUCKY ME!

I called Forget-Me-Not Flowers (where we keep an account) and ordered Aunt Georgia flowers to be delivered for Mother's Day. Got pink roses mixed in with other spring flowers. She will love them. Also called in Susie's meds and will pick them up tomorrow morning. Good day all around!.......OH

AND TIFFANY is GONE for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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