Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slept our day away....

well almost. Stopped off at Menards on the way home this morning after work to look at their patio furniture. We wanted a small table and a couple of chairs. I knew I didn't want a table with a glass (or plastic) top like the last one because it's too hard to keep clean and looks dirty all the time. Plus we didn't want chairs with cushions. You either can't sit on them when they get wet or you have to take them off every time you are done sitting outside. Then comes the question of where to put them. That means purchasing a storage unit for the cushions. So this is what we ended up getting. We even went with a smaller table than we had originally planned. We actually didn't think they would have one this small, but I love it. It's big enough for what we need. David assembled the chair (notice that is singular) but there wasn't bolts for the 2nd chair. I called Menards immediately and they said they would have the bolts waiting for me tomorrow when I go back into town. These chairs are extremely comfortable and am looking forward to using them.

These were the wonderful beverages we had with our anniversary meal. He had the beer and I had the Strawberry Margaretta. Our meal consisted of the same thing we had for my birthday (we were both thinking of trying something different, but the last time it was so good we couldn't NOT get it). He did have the french onion soup instead of a salad but said the salad was better. Now we're back home and I'm ready for bed already. Tomorrow is my birthday/ will be 18 years for David and myself and I'll be 56! Where did those 56 years go? Any one have a clue?

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