Wednesday, May 14, 2008


and not a lot is going on. Got a lovely e-message from the granddaughter yesterday telling me she loves me. Ahhhhh, isn't that sweet. She's the best!

It was a good mail day today:

My May/June 2008 issue of Organize magazine. Am not sure if I'm going to keep up the subscription.....needs to get a little better for me to keep going. Also got my June2008 issue of CK, which I'm paid up until March of 2009 and will definitely be renewing that. I really like this magazine, but am not very happy with the new format they introduced this year. The pages are not as sturdy and the format just isn't appealing. But I love the content.
Then there was the arrival of my 2" square punch....finally. I had been putting off getting this, even though I wanted to use it for my Library of Memories class (and beyond) but when I went and ordered it, they were out of stock. But it came in within a few days and it has arrived. Now I have no excuse to do my cold storage photos. Need to get busy on that.

We left work early again today....5am this time. Stopped by Schnucks, picked up some grub and now it's still only 6:19am and I wouldn't normally be off work yet. Gotta love that.

Well, the gossip at work is Andy and Janice are moving in together. He's leaving his wife of a whole 10 months and was only faithful to her for 2 months of his marriage (if that). What a how am I supposed to look the two of them in the face? What is wrong with people? Why did he go ahead and marry Ildi in the first place? Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Okay, I blew right through this 2nd in the "twilight" series. Great book and now:

I'm about 1/2 way through the 3rd book. "Breaking Dawn", the 4th book in the series, is supposed to be out in August this year and wrap things up. Glad I didn't start reading these sooner so I wouldn't have to wait sooooo long for the last book. Great books and love the vampire theme. Always been a draw for me.

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