Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just an ordinary day....

Nothing too exciting going on. Managed to catch a sunrise yesterday morning at 6:15am coming out of my work.

Today was pretty much the same, come home eat, do boring chores. But I did manage to get some laundry done and some ironing (I actually like the ironing). I LOVE my digital Back & Decker iron. And David was happy I ironed him some shirts. Spent about 3 hours reading my new book and am totally enthralled! Love those vampires!

Can't believe tomorrow is May 1st. How did that get here so quickly. It's another new Library of Memories class and am looking forward to that. Then the next 2 weeks will be break weeks and I need them. Didn't manage to get all my memorabilia sorted and that needs to get done. Tomorrow is also the new "kit of the month" from Lisa Bearnson's site. Always like checking that out. Then Lisa will be on QVC on Friday from 8-10am because Saturday is National Scrapbook Day.

Off to get ready for work.

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