Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just another Thursday

at my house. It's garbage day and David got rid of some of the junk from the garage sale. He only puts a little bit out at a time so they aren't overwhelmed. I did laundry and am getting ready now in the PM to iron a few shirts.

Today was Library of Memories class, which was supposed to be a break week (I was hoping to get caught up from the last couple of weeks). But now Stacy has reworked the class syllabus and we have a project to do. I need to get on the ball and get things caught up. I don't have all my memorabilia sorted from 2 weeks ago; from last week, I don't have

According to our class syllabus it is a break week. This is not exactly true (sorry!) I have tweaked the syllabus, with the intention of spreading a few assignments out and hopefully creating more time for you, to focus on key ideas and processes. You do get a bit of a break, but I am going to encourage you to spend some time working on digital triage. I am also going to share a perfectly optional, and very FUN project that will capture the spirit of a library approach in four mini books.

I'm thrilled that we have several digital scrapbookers joining us in our 2008 session. These girls have their own section on our message board and discuss things that I, for the most part, cannot add anything intelligent to! The other day I noticed a post by Terri …

I love the flexibility of digital tags especially being able to tag one photo with multiple tags; something that you can't do with one print … I do use my physical drawers for older prints, leftovers that I printed and didn't use on a page (I'm a hybrid scrapper), and pics that other people give me (Christmas card photos, school pics, etc.)

I've given a lot of thought to the issue of virtual category drawers getting too big. I didn't really want to take the tags off after I used them. So initially Stacy suggested adding a "Scrapbooked" tag when I scrapped a pic. But after a while I didn't really feel compelled to keep track of that any more. I mean, just because I've scrapped a photo doesn't mean I won't want to use it again. Now I just leave the category tags on there and I don't use the extra tag. I can envision a time when some categories get to big and then I'll scrap and/or purge; but I think that will be a while. I think the other beauty of virtual categories is that we can handle a larger volume of pics than would be practical in physical drawers. The ability to search and narrow by multiple keywords allows that to work effectively.

Regardless of how you scrapbook, the vast majority of us are now shooting with digital cameras and therefore working with digital files. I agree with Terri that while digital triaging can be challenging and requires some trial and error, it has some advantages over our category drawers. I know that the more closely your digital organization mimics your physical organization, especially with regards to main categories and sub-categories in your US category drawers, the easier it will be find what you need, when you need it (more information in the handout.)

Please note that there is not a voice message this week. Our classroom will be refreshed with all new information on Thursday, May 22nd, when we begin our last month together and shift our focus to scrapbooking!


p.s. Please continue to post assignments to our gallery and do check back next Thursday, as I have a surprise to share! :)

So, now it looks like I've got another assignment to do. Better get on the stick, because on Saturday we are planning on going to Dave & Mary's for Mother's Day celebration. We are taking flowers and Kentucky Fried Chicken. David has already made potato salad and I'm getting the stuff to make pound cake and take fresh strawberries (which is Mary's favorite dessert). Then Sunday David and I are going to see "Iron Man" at the new movie theatre. He hasn't been yet and is looking forward to going. What I like best, besides the stadium seating and rocking chairs, is that I don't have to take cash but can use my debit card!

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