Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snowing again....

Well, here we go again. I was planning on going to The Paper Moon today and getting the bag of stuff from the crop room I had put aside (they hadn't priced it yet) and looking around the store for the last time. It's snowing and blowing here and getting worse as I write. The store is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday til the end of the month. So next Saturday will be their last day. Hopefully I can get over there then. Here is the paper tower I bought.....even David likes how it looks.

Went up to the Lake Road Inn for the Friday night fish fry last night. It was our holiday and we wanted to start the 3-day weekend off right. It was great, as usual, as only a 3-4 minute drive from home. Can't beat that!!!

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Latharia said...

It's lightly snowing up here, too! I love it! :D Sorry it's preventing you from getting to Paper Moon, though!