Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts to you, sweetie!

Be My Valentine? 2/14/07

Are you a Valentines kinda person? Are you a romantic? I figured today would have to be a lovey dovey kind of quote day. My favorite love quote?

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale -- unkown

I kinda like this because I think it describes my life! The sweetest thing in my life is the everyday - not the big and sweet - but the little things. My husband who knows that I love diet cherry coke, movie theater popcorn, and football Sundays that is the romance in my life! I like the quiet and not obvious. What about you?

This is something I think of often. I still remember the day a small group of ladies at work were talking (all desperate for a man in their lives) and one of them said "this will be the first year in a long time I will have a boyfriend at Valentines. I can't wait to get something romantic" which I replied...."I've got all the romance a girl could want. It's not the flowers, heart-shaped boxes of candy, candlelit dinners or wild words of love whispered in my ear. Romance and love is the guy who picks up his socks without being asked or even thinking about it, the guy who grabs the vacuum and uses it without being asked, the guy who won't let me bring in the groceries from the car but does it for me, the guy who lets me off at the door at work because it is raining or picks me up in the morning with the car warm and running in the winter, who brings home my favorite cheese from the grocery store just because I like it.......those are the things romance and love consist of".

I know some of those women did not understand me, but they are still looking for that elusive "love" they think they want and need and I already have it. True love isn't the big gestures, but the little every day things that tell you how a person really feels.

Yes, I did get candy and flowers for Valentine's Day, but I also have all the other things that make my life and relationship to my husband wonderful.


angieoh! said...

Yay! i totally agree!

Latharia said...

"True love isn't the big gestures, but the little every day things that tell you how a person really feels." AMEN, SISTER! :)

I love Valentine's Day ... but if was the only day on which I was treated special, I'd lead a revolt! LOL!