Monday, February 5, 2007

Had a great Sunday....Yeah Colts!

I baked Marshall Fields Cinnamon Crunch Muffins to take to a Super Bowl crop I was going to at the Paper Moon (possibly the last crop I will be able to attend at the store since it is closing). They were a huge hit. David had me put the 2 mini-helmets he has of the teams playing.....the Bears and Colts. The girls thought that was great and had to take pictures of them in the basket with the muffins.

We had a fantastic time, although a lot did not get done in the way of scrappin'. Cynthia has started pricing stuff in the store and the back room, where she keeps absolutely everything you could possible want. Whenever she has bought something to sell to customers, she bought it for the back room also so we croppers could use it. Some things were not priced yet, so we picked out what we wanted and put them in bags with our names on them and Lynsey put them in the back room. I picked out a bunch of used stamps (at half price), scissors, an alphabet Coluzzle (both upper and lower case), big circle Coluzzle and 3 different idea books. I also went ahead and bought one of the lime green swivel chairs (planning on recovering it) and a paper tower. The paper tower has the EK Success plastic paper holders that has 31 trays so I can get a lot of paper in it. Thank goodness the girls helped me down with those big items (thanks to Lyndsey, Danette and Lisa for braving the freezing cold outside without coats).

Came home and David had started making the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Turned out great and then we watched the game. Have to say I was pleased with the outcome. I'm neither a Bears or Colts fan (go 49er's!!!) but one of my favorite people at work is a Colts fan so I was wanting them to win for him.

That was my fantastic Sunday. Us girls at the Paper Moon are going to make plans to have a surprise party for Cynthia so she will know how much we care about her. We are all planning some get togethers in the future,,,,,because truly our friendships we have made there mean more to us than the scrappin'. Looking forward to whatever the future holds!

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