Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Trendy Tuesday

Trendy Tuesday 2-6-07

Have your fingers frozen to the bone? Are they all typed out? Are your hands covered in any of the following? paper cuts? glitter? paint? raspberry jelly? Are you a manicure kinda girl? Do you wear any jewelry? Your hands are a critical part (yet often ignored) aspect of your daily life.

So... for today's Trendy Tuesday Challenge. Take a photo of your hands. (scrap it if you like...) and tell me about them!

Okay, I wasn't going to post my hands like this but instead clean them up. I decided against it and just to be honest. This is exactly how my hands look after 8 hours of working at the Post Office. I spent almost the entire 8 hours touching paper (mail) or dirty cardboard and plastic trays. The paper and cardboard suck every ounce of moisture out of my hands that they have. In the winter, they crack, peel and bleed. My nails are not strong, anyway, and this makes them worse. I usually have a bandage somewhere on each hand (if not more than one) because they are bleeding and the mail keeps cutting them deeper. The containers and trays the mail come in are so completely dirty and most of it comes off on my hands and clothes. I always hate going to the grocery store in the morning when I get off work.....all the ladies there in their beautiful suits, heels and perfectly manicured hands. My clothes are dirty, my make-up has run, my hair is falling down and my hands are awful. I always wonder if they think I crawled out of bed like that!!!LOL! I keep a nail brush at work to clean them up if I know I'm going to stop....but honestly sometimes they are so sore that I can't use it on them. Such is the life of my hands. But I wouldn't go back to office work for anything. I actually like what I do!


lunchlady02 said...

MOM!!! Are you ok?! You look like you've been fighting with a bear!!!

angieoh! said...

I love that you didnt' censor yourself and put it out there the way it was!!!!!! LOVE THAT! The point isn't to be perfect, to be manicured and polished, it is to be REAL. Who we are. Day in and day out.

:) thanks for participating in our project!