Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 60 - The "25th of" Album

This is an online class of a sort. We get prompts on the 24th of each month of pictures to take on the 25th and then are sent a layout idea to make. We take pictures of specific things and then scrapbook them once a month in this album. I have chosen to take pictures of:

1-Wake up clock
2-Bedtime clock
6-Out our front door
7-Out our back door
8-What I'm reading
9-What I'm DVRing
11-Gasoline prices
12-Website visited
13-Whatever is happening that day (which can be several pictures)

I missed a few months last year and am filling them in this year for that month. It's neat to see how the food I eat changes, how the gas prices have gone UP and DOWN, the different things I've read, and how the yard looks at different times of the year. All in all, I've enjoyed this project.

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