Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 53 - Scrapbooking on QVC

I knew Lisa was going to be on QVC from 6-8pm so I got up a little early to watch. I always love it when she's on there with David because they are such good friends and funny together. The product I took a picture of is the only thing I ordered. There are 18 prepackaged pages to put together. It makes it so easy when you are just wanting to get some pictures down and move on. Everything you need to make these are in baggies and they give you an instruction easy is that.

Below are my older photos that I keep in my Grandma's old chest. Because of taking the Library of Memories class again, I've managed to get all these organized by year and everything is marked. I've even gotten one album that was a "magnetic" album undone so I can keep those pictures safe. I still have a couple more of those old, icky, unsafe albums to go through, but I'm on my way. Pictures from 1973 to the present day are completely ORGANIZED!!!

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