Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 43 - Handmade Baskets

Back in the 90's, I took several basket weaving classes. These are just a few of the baskets I made, some were given away as gifts. And I have a few more around the house.
Left to right: This is kept in the family room and we keep DVD's we're watching in it. Next, the red and green basket is called a "jingle bell" basket. In the bottom there is a little inverted woven cup that is full of....what else....jingle bells. When you pick it up, it "jingles". It hangs on my basket tree in the living room with the rest of my Christmas baskets. Little one in front is based on a drum and was probably the hardest to weave because of its size. It sits on a side table in the family room (that Uncle Joe made) with some other small baskets. Next to it is the little "tulip" basket because it's supposed to look like it has flowers on it. It sits on the sink in our guest bathroom. The last one in the back hangs from one of the metal hooks (that Uncle Joe also made me) from the beams in the living room.
I really enjoyed weaving these, but the lady that taught quit to do some other things and I never managed to keep it up on my own. I'm better with hands-on learning than I am reading directions from a book.

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