Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 50 - Capponi's Italian Restaurant

When David asked if I wanted chocolate for Valentine's Day, I already knew what my answer would be (I had been thinking about it for awhile). We have both been trying to eat healthier since the beginning of the year and I want to keep that up. I told him "I WANT chocolate, but I don't want you to buy me chocolate".....make sense?
Anyway, I told him I wanted to go out to eat on Sunday either at CJ's in Bloomington or Capponi's in Toluca. We took the drive to Toluca, which is about a half hour from our house headed north on I39. The food there is always fantastic. He had the special: salad, 1/2 baked chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans and roll. I had salad, baked gizzards, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, roll and side of spaghetti/tortallini....most of which came home with me for later. That way I get an extra meal for later!
We are always amazed at Capponi's because the town of Toluca is only 1,400 people; yet down the street 1 block, is Mona's Italian Restaurant, run and owned by the same people. And yet, both restaurants are booming and always packed. We usually go up there a couple times a year.

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