Friday, March 16, 2007

Love Cynthia!

Lynsey sent out emails to everyone on The Paper Moon's mailing list that we were having a surprise party for Cynthia Friday night at Carrie's church. We all made 8X8 scrapbook pages about our years at the store. It turned out wonderful. We all got there about an hour before she did. Joan even stopped by her house after her husband (Randy) took her and the boys out to eat and picked up her mom to be there. She had actually worked at the store to help out a bit at one time.

She totally didn't see it coming and was very pleased. We all told a lot of stories and made plans to do things in the future. Lisa is in the process of setting up her basement into a scrapbook haven for all of us. She even bought the big AccuCut die-cut machine from the store and most of the good dies. We are all planning several page-swaps throughout the year. Carrie is having crops on the 2nd Friday nights of the month at her church. She is going to work at Scrapadoodle (who is moving into a larger spot) and they even want Cynthia to teach some classes. Cynthia is wanting to host some scrapbook weekends also so things are looking up. Carrie also is having classes for scrapbooking and stamping the last Saturday of each month, which I have already signed up to bring treats in April for. Just so happy that we can all spend that special time together.

Cynthia, Joan, Karin & Danette

Carrie and Joanie

Lisa and Chris

Randy, Cynthia's Mom, Cynthia and 2 of her 3 boys
(and yes, they are all as tall as they seem)

Cake & Flowers (we each brought a flower)

Our weekend at Stony Creek and we ate out at Jonah's
Second page is Vonda, Cynthia & Danette in the crop room/bottom picture is Chris in crop room

National Scrapbook Day, May 6, 2000 at Freedom Hall in Morton, IL (where Cynthia lives). (unknown, Janet, Karin, me, Wendy, Jocelyn, unknown, husband & wife, Rose, unknown) Second page, Janet & myself and behind is us I don't remember them. This was my first all-day crop ever and fell in love! It was called "A Prescription For My Addiction" and we had to dress up, as you can tell by the photos, like doctors and nurses.

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Latharia said...

I am so glad you were able to make some wonderful memories!