Thursday, December 28, 2006

Getting ready for work now, but have a 3 day weekend coming up, so it's not too bad. Only worked 2 days this week. Can't really complain because I had the entire week off and turned these 2 days back in....but walking in the door last night at work I was wishing I hadn't. Oh well, I'll survive.
Gonna go pick up Trina from volleyball practice tomorrow night and she's spending the night with us. I'm hoping to take her out to eat before we come home. There's a new restaurant in downtown Normal called Big Mouths that sound like a place she would like. They serve Fried Twinkies (not my kind of dessert, but I'm sure Trina will like it).
I'd like to get some of the Christmas decorations down this weekend, plus work on my Christmas Journal. Plus we are going to Davids parent's house to do Christmas with them on New Year's Eve. We are taking dinner for them as part of their gift.
(the above picture of Trina is from May of 2004...she's 11)

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