Saturday, December 23, 2006

5 Days (4 nights) off work!!!

Made this page all about the Christmas tree. We also put up 2 other trees. There is a smaller one in the dining room and a silver pom-pom tree in the family room. We found it at an antique store in ElPaso, but it was actaully from an antique dealer right here in Hudson, who had placed it up there to sell. We had been looking for one for sometime, because it was the kind of tree I had as a teenager and just love it.

The artistic challenge of the day was to use something you never thought you would. Well, all these stickers came on a sheet from a kit I bought at QVC. They are small and I couldn't imagine that I would ever have a use for them.....but I was wrong. Anyway, this is my interpretation of the theme.

We got off work this morning at 6:30AM and are thrilled that for us the Christmas rush is over. Working at the Post Office during December can be stressful, but we manage to get things done early enough so we can enjoy the season. Last night was our holiday, but we both volunteered to work so we could get the extra day annual later. We aren't doing anything until Sunday, so there was no need to waste a perfectly good day of vacation time to do nothing. We took a wreath out to mom & dad's grave so it should last awhile.
Denise, next door, brought over a plate of cookies/candy right before we left for work last night. It looks great and has some really neat stuff!We had taken their stuff over to them a couple of days before. David is up right now making pasta salad to take to Aunt Georgia's tomorrow afternoon, plus we bought a bottle of wine, also. Should be a lot of fun!

4 comments: said...

Your trees are gorgeous Georgia! Great job!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Love the way you've used all those stickers. Great.

Latharia said...

Too cute! Great job! :)

Chiara said...

love the entry and the cookies look awesome