Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 64 - Walmart with the Kids

Kendra called at 6:30am and asked what we were doing. First she talked to David for a bit and then me. They wanted to show us the new truck they had gotten and get the "hot dog cooker sticks" we had bought Bill for Christmas but forgot to give to him! They are going camping over Spring Break at Kentucky Lake and want to take them with.
We met them at Walmart, since we all had shopping to do. The older one (Trina) stayed home and slept (didn't even realize they were gone until they got back) but Autumn came with. Kendra was showing me the recipes they had in the produce section and David said "well, you'll probably cook something and then take a picture of it". Which reminded me I had my of course, I had to get it out. Autumn is sticking her tongue out at Grandma because some onery Grandpa told her to do so!!!
Came home and cooked shrimp stir-fry. Awesome!

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Kendra said...

OOOOOOOO...I meant to tell you about the triffle. It was horrible! We threw it away! UGH! It was super limey/sour/blahhh. I'll never make that again! Next week.....key lime pie...yum