Saturday, June 14, 2008

searching for coffee, huh?

Well, that's kinda where I'm at right now.....searching. But until I finish the antibiotic I'm on (Cipro), I won't be having any caffeine. The paper states "caffeine may have a stronger effect on you while taking this medicine". And within the 1st hour of taking it, I have to sit down because I feel dizzy (well, David says dizzier than normal?). HaHa! So my coffee pot is feeling a little lonely right now.

Went to see Dr. Vales on Monday morning at 8:15am. He said sometimes when there is a stone in the kidney (my left), it can cause an infection. Possibly this is what caused my problems. And the stone could dislodge tomorrow and start moving or it could wait 10 years to move.....only time can tell and the pain that comes with a moving stone! Something to look forward to! HaHa!So I'm okay to go back to work on Monday night. It sure doesn't seem like I've been off a whole week. But I guess since I slept all of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and mostly Wednesday, it's no wonder.

So thrilled to be feeling back to myself today. Planted more pots of flowers, David got the beet seeds in today and we sat on the deck for over an hour enjoying the good weather. Going to go see his dad tomorrow for Father's Day.

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