Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Page Swap Day

(Joan, Kathleen, Karin & Wendy(her legs)
(Karin, Danette & Deb)
This month the page swap theme for food was "summer salads & desserts". We went to Karin's house and I took Broccoli-Raisin Salad. All the food was great and we had a wonderful time. I ended up with Kathleen's pages and Carrie got mine. The theme for the pages was "travel or vacation". We could do a 2-page spread or make some kind of travel journal. The item that Cynthia made was fantastic. Danette ended up with it, but it got passed around several time. She let me bring it home so I could copy it! How very nice of her.It's made with shopping neat this would be for a "shopping" vacation to save all those and put this album together. I LOVE it!

Turned out to be a fantastic day weather wise also. When we were done eating and swapping, Chris and I sat out on the deck for about an hour, played with Karin's dog and just talked. Very relaxing.

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