Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day #2

My "creative" challenge today was to use something non-scrapbooking. I took this leaf die-cut from my Cricut and painted it with fingernail polish. Of course, I also learned today not to paint with one hand while not paying attention to the other! I had to clean up fingernail polish off my work tableLOLOLOL!

"I learned that when you adhere a wall cling-on to the wall you should ALWAYS use a level."

Had ordered a wall cling-on, it arrived and the color did not work at all. Took it down, reordered something else and was so excited when it finally arrived I just put it up as quick as I could. The end result.....a crooked cling-on. Oh well, it's our bedroom and upstairs so no one but the husband and I will ever see it....but still!

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Jhayboy said...

Think of the positive - you got what you wanted and I am sure everytime you see it - it will bring a smile to your face..