Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day #1 of LSNED

I am going somewhat with what Shimelle is planning on doing for an album. I am using envelopes. Since we have went to paying all our bills online, I now have an abundant supply of envelopes that I will never use. My picture will go inside with more explanation of what is going on about what I have learned that day.I'm also using OLD supplies and buying nothing new for this class. I need desperately to use up some of my old scraps and make room for NEW!

My "creative note" for today was to use something that flies....angels, butterflies or birds. I chose this bird sticker I had.

Here is my first post of Learn Something New Every Day....a Shimelle class.

"Cookies with lots of sugar on top cannot be baked at 400 degrees! Lesson Learned!"

I made these cheesy pinwheel things with puff pastry and they were great. David said how wonderful they would be if I used sugar and cinnamon instead. So I gave it a try...forgetting that with the sugar on top, I should probably turn the temp down. Well, burnt cookies were the result. The rest went into the trash and I had to air the house out of smoke! I'm still gonna give it a try, but need to rework the cooking a little. What could I do but laugh....LOL!

I didn't take a picture, unfortunately, but from someone else posting on the forum I decided to look up a stock photo and it will work just as well for my lesson.


Jhayboy said...

hey Georgina

Thanks for dusting off the blog and posting about your cooking adventure..

You made me smile with your tale - I have had my moments as well..


Pippa said...

I love the idea of using your unused envelopes in a different way and your resulting LO. My lesson for Day 1 was Recycling too LOL!. I love the LO so I've bookmarked your blog on my blog, hope that's OK with you?

Kelly said...

I really like your idea of using your excess envelopes. I will have to save that for a later scrapbook idea...I have a ton of envelopes.

I had to laugh about your cooking story - the number of times i've thrown food away because i burnt it!!