Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 27 - Baby Shopping

David and I work with Bill Sanders and have known him for years. Him and his wife, DeeDee, helped plan a dinner out for us after we got married with some of the people from work. We've known Bill's 2 kids, Chad & Erika, since they were both tiny. Erika and David even have the same birthday.
We were at Erika's wedding a couple of years ago, which was a HUGE affair. She had won both big prizes at a Bridal Fair in town and it was fantastic.

She just gave birth to her and Justin's first child, a little girl named McKinley. Bill is such a proud grandpa and so excited to share the news with us. She is a beautiful little girl. So of course, I had to go shopping for little girl clothes. Went to Von Maur because I know from shopping there for my 2 granddaughters that they have fantastic looking clothes. This is what I finally picked out. Don't ask how much the 2 pieces cost........they were worth it!

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