Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 11 - Glasses

Okay, a pair for my purse, my scrapbook bag, the computer, scrapbook table, family room end table #1, family room end table #2, my bathroom upstairs, night stand, football room, living room, kitchen drawer, my lunch bag for work, 2 sunglasses for car and 1 for inside....think I have enough glasses? Had Lasik surgery a few years ago and only need them for reading sometimes, so they are everywhere!


Margie said...

WoW! I never knew someone could have sooo many glasses! LOL!
At the moment, I only own the one pair I'm wearing! I know, not good! lol!
TFS! I love all of your pics! Keep up the great work ;)
Thank you for your sweet comment!
xo ~ margie

Kendra said...

WHAT?! I didn't know you had all of those! I guess you won't be left in the!