Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bingo Cards & Butterflies Challenge

The challenge from Shimelle was to take something from her layout below, (color, butterflies, bingo cards, painting, embossed paper....)whatever we wanted. I really liked the black and yellow she used, as I don't think I've ever used those together. I also liked the embossed paper she sanded, so I created my own. Took a big stamp and stamped & heat embossed all over the page. Knew I wanted to use these black frames, so I thought black & white pictures would be perfect for this. Used alphabets from different packets and had to paint this white butterfly I had. I stamped black dots. There was just so much about Shimelle's layout I liked that I took a ton of ideas from it. Also stamped the little side-journaling lines for my information. And I didn't have any yellow reinker, so I took some yellow food coloring and put in my little sprayer pen and sprayed lightly over my cardstock.

These 3 pictures are of my (in order) Grandpa Charlie (my mom's step-dad), my Uncle Joe, my Dad and my Grandpa Loyal (my dad's step-dad). These 4 men meant so much to me during my childhood. Grandpa Loyal passed away when I was about 6 or 7, but I still remember him vividly and loved him so much. The other 3 men continued to be a very important part of my life until each one of them passed. They all made positive impacts on my life.


Lisa-Jane said...

I love so much about Shimelle's layout too. I love all the work you put in with the embossing and how clever to use food colouring. Did you back you photos with something archival or are they copies? The are great pics and you have shown them off well.

Georgia said...

Yes, Lisa, I backed the photos because they are originals. I'm very fortunate that my family were picture takers when I was little, so there is album after album of photos to choose from.