Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've been waiting for this for awhile. They mailed out the fliers sometime before tickets went on sale, so I already knew we would be going, it was just a matter of when.

Did I say "favorite Shakespeare play of all time"? And my darling husband (even though he's not really into it) knows this, too. And who wouldn't love spending time on the grounds at the Ewing Castle. (my cousins used to live across the street when I was growing up and we used to sneak into the back of the grounds and play on a statue they had there)

Got off work in the am and it was down pouring harder than I had seen it in a long time. Since this is an outside theatre, there was a good chance the play would be cancelled. We played it by ear....and by everything turned out beautifully! Great cool weather, great seats, nice breeze, beautiful grounds and the actors were on in top form. Turned out to be a fantastic night and David even had a good time. He was especially happy about the fact that I had told him "if you take me to this one, it will be the last one you will have to go to". All in all a magical night!

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Latharia said...

I've got to make a trek down next summer. I loved going when I lived in Champaign!